The High Speed Data Logger (HSDL) is a data recording device allowing users to continuously record their process data at high speed. The HSDL is built in a form of standard electrical cabinet or 19” rack, which can be built into a rugged portable 19” case used for sound engineering equipment. The internal components include signal conditioning, data acquisition hardware, data server and uninterruptible power supply. Additional signal conversion, surge protection and Ex protection barriers can be provided in a separate cabinet.


HSDL Product HSDL components and connectivity

Overview of High Speed Data Loggers components and connectivity options

Key features:

  • Up-to 300 channels per cabinet
  • Up-to 10 kHz sampling rate per channel
  • GPS/NTP synchronized time stamping (no cumulative time error)
  • Large data storage space (Terabytes)
  • Configurable on-line event detection
  • Extensive channel math Signal graphs with ultra-deep zoom