The High Speed Data Logger comes in two form factors which share the data acquisition core hardware, server platform and software:

  • Standard electrical cabinet with DIN rail mount components and complete cable management
  • Compact standalone 19" inch IT or sound engineering rack in optional carrying case

Standard Electrical Cabinet

Intended for installation in plant control centers with raised floor. This form factor provides vertical cable trays and signal termination boards on the rear panel of the cabinet with sufficient space for termination work when connecting signal cables to screw terminals. The front side of the cabinet contains 19" components (server, UPS, power switch) in the bottom part and built-in user controls (display, keyboard, mouse) in the upper part. This form factor provides a high level of flexibility for signal terminations with knife disconnect feature, signal converters and surge protection modules as well as switchable redundant power inputs.

Compact 19" Rack

Intended for laboratory and semi-portable applications where size and weight are the main concern. All components in the rack are high density 19" modules. Signal input modules have direct screw terminals, BNC or multi-pin circular connectors. This form factor does not allow easy addition of special termination, signal conditioning or protection components. The components can be built into semi-portable rugged sound engineering racks with carrying handles for moving by 2 men. For this portable variant the maximum number of channels is usually limited to around 100 in due to the rack size and weight constraints. Signal and power cables must be disconnected when installing front and rear protecting covers of the portable case.