From the user’s perspective the HSDL consists from the main HSDL cabinet or rack where the data recording takes place and client stations (PCs), which represent the user interfaces of HSDL. The general architecture follows the diagram shown on this page. The components within the HSDL main cabinet or rack include signal terminals, signal conditioning, data acquisition hardware, data server and uninterruptible power supply. Users are connected to the HSDL from remote client PCs connected to the same computer network. The client PCs are running HSDL client software applications in the form of an executable file. With these applications the user can configure the HSDL, view and manage data as well as configurations.


HSDL Diagrams General-Architecture-2

HSDL General Architecture

The architecture of custom HSDL variants may differ from the general architecture as shown above. Additional signal conversion, surge protection and Ex protection barriers can be provided in a separate cabinet.