In High Speed Data Loggers in standard electrical cabinet form factor, the measured channels are equipped with comfortable, one ground pin per channel terminals with disconnect knife for easy signal path integrity testing and calibration. The compact 19“ rack rack form factor does provide possibility of disconnect knife due to size limitations.

For some of the input channel types the signal conditioning is fixed and its parameters cannot be modified by the user. These parameters might include input range, bandwidth or thermocouple type. Please specify your requirements for channel parameters your request for quotation.

The table below shows possible combinations of input channel signal path components and sensor types suitable for each combination.

HSDL Product Signal Conditioning

Signal conditioning options for various sensor types


The organization of individual elements of signal path leads to grouping of the channels with the same elements and thus sensor types. The group, typically represented by one signal conditioning or data acquisition module can have 4, 8, 16 or 32 input channels of the same properties.


HSDL Product Signal Terminations

Signal terminal boards for DIN rail with optional sensor power