Input Channels   Precision
Analog Channel Types Powered +/-10 V < 1% FS
+/-100 V < 1% FS
700 VAC < 1% FS
Powered 0-20 mA < 1% FS
Thermocouple (any type) < 1% of thermocouple voltage
RTD < 1% FS
Accelerometer (IEPE) < 1% FS, dyn.
Tensometer bridge < 1% FS
Digital Channel Types Powered PFC with 24 VDC logic
Special Channel Types Camera with GigE interface (may use decimated frame rate)
Audio input (min. sample rate 8 kHz)
Isolation Up to ch-ch 1500 Vrms depending on channel type
Protection Lightning surge protection (optional)
Ex protection (optional)
Terminations Screw terminals with knives, or plugs
Channel Grouping Typically 16 channels of the same analog input type
Typically 32 channels of the same digital input type
Input Channel Count Typically 320 channels per rack
Data Acquisition
Sampling Frequency 100 Hz to 10 kHz per channel, all channels are sampled with the same sampling frequency (except for Camera and Audio channels)
Sampling Timebase synchronized to NTP or GPS clock
Hardware Built-in RAID1 data server designed to hold weeks or months of data
Continuous Data Uninterrupted storage, old data automatically overwritten
Events Each event stored with pre- and post-trigger continuous data
Recovery Configurations and disk images saved on RAID1 data server for fast recovery in case of data acquisition controller hard drive failure
LAN1 Connects to company network
LAN2 Connects to remote operator console (fiber optic optional)
Industrial Communications MODBUS protocol to connect to SCADA using any common industrial interface (RS485, CAN, Hart, …)
Operator Controls
Engineering Console 19” LCD flat-panel with touch screen, keyboard, mouse
Operator Console 24” LCD, keyboard, mouse
Form Factor Industrial cabinet with 19” rack or mounting plate for DIN rail components. Typical cabinet dimensions 800x800x2160 mm (WxDxH). Number of cabinets depends on channel count
Weight Typically 300 kg per cabinet
Protection Class Standard IP54
Operating Temperature 10..40 °C
Relative Humidity 0 to 90% RH non-condensing