The High Speed Data Logger has the capability of acquiring, processing and storing enormous amounts of data (in order of terabytes), which makes it quite a unique device. But where the HSDL really stands out is when it comes to presenting the data in graph displays, specifically allowing users to zoom in and out across multiple orders of time resolution magnitude within the same graph with immediate response. This is achieved by a special way of storing and retrieving the data to/from HSDL hard drives.

HSDL Diagrams Data Zoom Ilustration

HSDL Data Zooming Illustration

Practically a graph, which shows a record of 30 days of data (horizontal axis of the graph has a range from day 1 to day 30), can be zoomed-in to show 200 milliseconds of data. This represents signal detail magnification of 30 days * 84600 sec / 0.2 sec = 12.9 million times. There is no other commercially available recording system with this capability.