The High Speed Data Logger software consists of several modules that appear as separate applications. The access to the applications is controlled by user access rights managed by HSDL administrator.


Software Modules2

Software Modules


Recording Module

The HSDL Recording Module is a software module permanently running on the HSDL internal server. It can be accessed on Engineering Console screen by engineer with sufficient access rights. The Recording Module provides the following functions:

  • Configure input and math channels
  • Configure event detection
  • Configure Multi-Channel Profile
  • Start and Stop data acquisition and recording
  • Event Detection
  • Viewing data acquisition system status
  • Status signaling configuration and operation

Operator Module

The HSDL Operator Module is a software module permanently running on the Operator Console PC and OS used by plant or process operator to monitor current status of the monitored process using the following functions:

  • Viewing instantaneous data and multi-channel profile
  • Pop-up windows in case of event detection

Analysis Module

The HSDL Analysis Module is a software module that can be launched on Operator Console or other computers on the same Ethernet network. The purpose of the module is to display and provide data to the process engineer using the following functions:

  • Configurable graph windows with ultra-deep zooming capability
  • Viewing recorded signals as traces in configurable graph windows
  • Selecting viewed data by time range and channels
  • Viewing detected events and associated signal traces before and after event.
  • Playing the recorded video in sync with channel data
  • Printing signal trace graph and event protocols
  • Exporting signal traces and event tables into text files for further processing in spreadsheet software (e.g. MS Excel)
  • Saving and recalling viewing configurations

Management Module

The HSDL Management Module can be accessed from on Engineering Console screen by the HSDL administrator. The purpose of the Management Module is to perform house-keeping tasks on the HSDL, track configurations and error as well as manage users. The complete list of functions is listed below:

  • Manual deleting of old data
  • Archiving data to external memory devices (memory sticks, hard drives)
  • Viewing data acquisition configuration history
  • Viewing system status
  • Users Management
  • Configure automatic deletion of old data (to ensure continuous recording)

The entire software is developed in LabVIEW graphical development system from National Instruments.